HRwiz Support

Contact us for any issue you are facing with HRwiz, right inside MS Teams!

Here is a quick overview of all the commands you can use in HRwiz

HRwiz Commands

  • Use edit onboarding steps to alter the onboarding process your new employees will go through.
  • Use edit faqs to adjust the default resposes of the faqs.
  • Use create announcement, create poll and create quiz to create the respective entities to engage your employees.
  • Use show announcements, show polls and show quizzes to see the already existing entities respectively.
  • Use support to communicate with the HRwiz support team via MS Teams.
  • Ask questions related to HR topics such as how many vacation days am I entitled to or can I ask for sick leave.

For a complete Guide on how to use the HRwiz bot please visit the 👉 Guide page

Contact support:

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