User Roles in HRwiz

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The HRwiz bot has two dinstict roles. The Admin user and the Team Members.

  • Admin user:

    The first user that installs the HRwiz bot on a team in an organization, becomes the admin of HRwiz. This is considered a team scope installation as described in the Install and Set up HRwiz section. The Admin user can ask HRwiz to perform actions that Team Members don't have access to. At the moment there is only one Admin per organization (the user that installs HRwiz for the first time on any team).

  • Team members:

    Any user who is a member of a team where the HRwiz bot is installed can talk to HRwiz in a direct channel, for example, by searching for @hrwiz and starting a conversation. Also, a user that installs the bot in a personal scope is also considered a non admin user and can communicate with the bot in a direct channel. More information concerning how to install the bot in a personal scope can be found in the Install and Set up HRwiz section.