Create and Show Announcements

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HRwiz provides 3 main ways for the Admin to engage with the Team Members. Announcements, Polls and Quizzes. These 3 capabilities work in a very similar manner from the Admin point of view, even though they produce different results for the Team Members.

Announcements are plain text messeges sent by the HRwiz bot to all Team Members of a selected team, at a scheduled time, specified by the Admin.
Announcements are sent to the Team Members by the HRwiz bot in a direct channel only and at the specified date and time selected by the Admin while creating the announcement.

Step 1: Use the appropriate command

In your direct channel with the HRwiz bot, use the create announcement command.

Step 1

Step 2: Create the content and schedule the delivery time of the announcement

Following the previous step, a card will appear with an input field for you, the Admin, to write the text you want to deliver to your Team Members. Then, you can select the date and time that you want the announcement to be delivered by the HRwiz bot. Finally, you can select the team or teams you want the message delivered to.
Clicking at the “Save Broadcast” button, saves your announcement and the HRwiz bot will make sure to deliver it in the appropriate date and time!

Please note: In case you select more than one teams, the announcement will be sent to all Team Members belonging to those teams. If a Team Member belongs to more than one team, they will receive only one announcement. Also, as mentioned before, announcements are always sent via a direct channel with the HRwiz bot and never in public channels.

Step 2

Step 3: Show announcements

You can see all the pending announcements by typing the command show announcements. You can also delete announcements by clicking on the red x icon or create new announcements by clicking on the Create announcement button.

Step 3

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